Live Concert at 9pm


Ric’s debut solo EP, Drawing Lines, dropped nationwide on November 1, 2015.

The record was produced by sought-after, independent producer J. Hall and includes an appearance by Facedown recording artist Shane Ochsner, leader of the critically acclaimed band, Everything in Slow Motion. “Ric Todd is a multi-platform endeavor,” explained Dean Kinney, “we expect to be successful in publishing, licensing, merchandising, touring, literally every side of the music business, but our focus right now is clearly on Drawing Lines.”  You can see the music video for his lead single “Red Letter,” below. 

Ric Todd has toured the world as a multi-instrumentalist, presently for the regional rock/pop band Dirty Word.  He is also an acclaimed writer, who co-wrote “Sticks and Stones” with Minneapolis musician Tim Mahoney.  The pair won the Adult Contemporary category of the 2010 International Songwriting Competition.  In addition to Mahoney, Ric’s compositions have also been recorded by rising country music star Chancey Williams.  Some of his early material was recorded by the storied Sioux Falls rock band, Zwarte,’ and he has collaborated with Zwarte’ founder Bob Zwart in his recent success, the band Judd Hoos.   

Ric Todd signed with The HomeSlice Artist Management September 30th, 2015.